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ITI Group daily turnover is $2.5 bn

In January 2016 the daily turnover of ITI Group in the market exceeded the historical maximum of the company and amounted to $ 2.5bn, the monthly turnover amounted to $ 37bn. The previous high was attained in August 2015, when the average daily turnover amounted to $ 1,9 bn with a monthly $ 41.7 bn.

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In general, the company's turnover in January 2016 have increased more than in 2 times in comparison with the same period last year (the monthly turnover of $16,2 bn, daily – $1,08 bn).

"The turnover growth in January is due primarily to the increase in turnover in the foreign exchange markets, - explains Oleg Filatov, the Chairman of the Board of JSC Investment Company ITinvest – The volatility in global financial markets predetermined the increased volatility of the Ruble, and, despite a smaller amount of trading days in January, our clients actively performed operations with currencies".

On the foreign exchange market turnover ITI Group in January 2016 has reached its historical maximum and amounted to $ 7,9 bn, which 2,2 times exceeds the turnover for the same period last year ($ 3,6 bn) and 1.3 times the previous high of July 2015 ($ 5,9 bn). Trading volume on the foreign exchange market ITI in 4th place in the ranking of the Moscow Exchange.

Monthly turnover on the derivatives market amounted to $ 26,9 bn, exceeding by 2.4 times the turnover for Jan 2015 ($11,5 bn). ITI Group holds 3rd place in the ranking of the leading operators in the derivatives market in the last few years.

The company's turnover in the equity market compared to January 2015 increased by 1.2 times and amounted to $0,75 bn. Today, the company occupies the 7th place in the ranking of the leading operators, having climbed one position up as compared with January of 2015. The total turnover of client operations ITI Group in the stock market is $0,85 bn.

In 2015 ITI Group ceased its own operations to prevent even hypothetical possibility of a conflict of interest with client transactions on the market. Therefore, the increase in turnover is due solely to increase of activity of trading operations of our clients.